Is Your Medication Safe?

Monitor, Secure and Dispose:

Studies throughout the nation as well as locally have shown that many people get prescription drugs not used as prescribed or for recreational use from the homes of friends and family.  Why does that matter to you? 

If you are not monitoring, securing and disposing of your medication - you may be providing drugs to anyone who enters your house. 

Monitor - check your medication regularly and ensure that you still have the correct number of pills remaining in your prescription. 

Secure - any medication should be secured in a safe location.  All controlled substances should be locked in a drawer, medicine cabinet or lockbox.  This ensure that no one can gain access to drugs that can lead to addiction.


Note:  Lock boxes can be found at your local drug store or ordered online at various sites including  

Dispose - if you have any unwanted/unused/expired medication (over the counter, pet or prescription), you should dispose of it properly in one of the medication drop boxes within our community.   To learn more about our medication drop box locations within Ontario County, click on the button below or the tab on the menu bar.